Getting Started with EasyAR

EasyAR is an Augmented Reality Engine. It is easy to use and free.

EasyAR supports AR based on planar target, supports smooth load and recognition for more than 1000 local targets, supports video playback based on HW codecs, supports transparent video and streaming video, supports QR code recognition, supports tracking multi-target simultaneously.

EasyAR can be used in both PC and mobile platforms. EasyAR do not show watermarks, and have no limitation of recognition times.

When you have got EasyAR package or EasyAR samples, you would need a key. Make sure to read below steps before you start to use EasyAR.

Free Registration

Registration is required to use EasyAR.

Register at or using your email address.

*Alternatively if you have already registered at SightPlus website ( using your email, you can directly login with that email address.

Get a KEY

To initialize EasyAR SDK, a key is required.

Key is generated after you create an item after login.

Bundle ID/Package Name is required if you are creating mobile apps.

You can modify the values after the creation. You will get a key in the following place

Change User Name (Optional)

Login and click the icon in the right corner, you can edit user name in the next page. Currently this page and the forum are displayed in Chinese. User name is displayed at the right corner as an identifier in the forum. You can login EasyAR website and forum use either mailbox or username.

Note: You can change the user name only once.

What's Next?

Now you know how to use the EasyAR website to manage your apps. You can read the following links and other articles on the website for more details.

To know the recent updates and new features of EasyAR, you can read this.

You can find EasyAR platform Requirements from here.

You can get information for how to compile and run EasyAR samples from these articles.

Compile and Run EasyAR Unity Samples

Compile and Run EasyAR Android Samples

Compile and Run EasyAR iOS Samples

You can get information for how to setup EasyAR using EasyAR packages from these articles.

Setting up EasyAR Unity SDK

Setting up EasyAR Android SDK

Setting up EasyAR iOS SDK

Setting up EasyAR Windows SDK

Setting up EasyAR Mac SDK

When you meet errors, you may want to read the FAQ.

You can find all API descriptions from Reference.

You can get some detailed descriptions of EasyAR in Guides, for example

EasyAR Target Configure

EasyAR Data and Memory

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