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EasyAR Sense 4.0

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Motion Tracking (SLAM)

EasyAR Sense 4.0 brings

powerful Motion Tracking


Latest News

  • EasyAR Sense 4.5.0 Released Mar 10,2022

    EasyAR Sense 4.5.0 adds some minor features and fixes some issues.           

  • EasyAR Sense 4.4.0 Released Nov 05,2021

    EasyAR Sense 4.4.0 adds support for EasyAR Cloud SpatialMap. EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin has gained great improvements in this version.           

  • EasyAR Cloud SpatialMap Released Aug 18,2021

    City-scale spatial map cloud location service has been officially opened.           

  • EasyAR Sense 4.3.0 Released Apr 9,2021

    EasyAR Sense 4.3.0 adds some minor features. Unity Plugin use Unity's package, simplify the build process configuration, and only Unity 2019.4 and later versions are supported.

  • EasyAR Sense 4.2.0 Released Feb 1,2021

    EasyAR Sense 4.2.0 adds some minor features and fixes to improve user experience.

  • EasyAR Sense 4.1.0 Released Jul 21,2020

    EasyAR Sense 4.1.0 adds some minor features, enriches the document, and fixes some bugs.


EasyAR Presents

EasyAR Mega

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Flexible large-scale data acquisition

City-scale mapping service

Stable, accurate, fast visual positioning service

Efficient annotation and debugging tools

Ability of AR ecosystem integration

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EasyAR Sense 4.5

Sparse SpatialMap

Dense SpatialMap



Collision and Occlusion

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EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service

Cloud-based Image Recognition Service

Image Target Retrieval and Management

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