WebAR makes AR ubiquitous.

No need to download APP, WebAR makes AR content went viral by H5.

小程序 DEMO Mini Program DEMO


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WebAR can be easily run on web browsers on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac systems. It is easy to implement cross-platform without apps.

WebAR is mainly shared by URLs, meeting the basic technical requirements for the flow of social media information such as WeChat. With creative planning solutions, it would achieve explosive viral marketing.


Less memory
No need to download APP
WebAR realizes AR function by browser
Fast deployment
Low development cost
and fast deployment
Go viral online
Shock effect, go viral on social media
and increase the brand exposure
Effect tracking
Get marketing effects from data statistics

Application scenarios

Stimulate consumption

Achieve viral marketing combining online and offline campaigns by WebAR.
For example, distribute flyers, users scan QR code on the flyers, play AR games, win coupons, and attract the user to go shopping.

Promote App

The traditional promotion has not been able to achieve the expected downloads, so use WebAR to promote your app.
For example: Create AR mini-games or any other fun pages by WebAR. The new and fun AR function makes it easier to inspire users' sharing and increase the app downloads

More good ideas, experience Web AR right now……

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